TALJANKA, one of Finland’s most beloved musical groups. The trio has developed a wide repertoire with its own distinct stamp: a culturally diverse musical palette that builds on Russian and gypsy musical traditions, which then is complemented with pieces from Spain, Latin America, France, Sweden - and, of course, Finland. 

The band is known for the powerful emotional textures and rich content of the pieces it chooses. TALJANKA has performed in various venues: from large concert halls to informal business parties, from high-society balls to intimate private dinners.

To date, the group has released 12 albums, made many appearances on television, and held performances throughout the Nordic countries as well as in Russia, Germany, France and Spain.

The heart of TALJANKA is its leading lady, Anja Tyrväinen. An enthusiast for traditional music from a young age, she gained a knowledge of Russian culture through studies at Moscow University as well as musical folklore instruction at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory. During her time in Russia, she established close friendships with many of the outstanding artists of the Romen Theatre. Gifted with a unique voice, she is also a great interpreter of gypsydancing styles.

One of the more unforgettable events in TALJANKA’s history was performing at the 75th birthday party of Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich, head of the Romanov family. Had the course of history been different, he could have been Czar of the Russian Empire!




TIMO TYRVÄINEN - vocal and guitar,

ARI SALIN - guitars.

Upon request, the trio may be extended to include an accordionist, violin player, pianist and bass player and one or more dancers


For more information contact:

Tomi Lindblom (Visual Media)
+35840 5288 485
Timo Tyrväinen
+35850 3036 829